Process Work

These breakdown charts assist our senior two class in coming up with a schedule of what work we have done and what work we need to finish. In this manner, we can better organize ourselves and distribute the amount of work evenly so that it does not get overwhelming or exhausting. The importance is to work hard, but to also work smart in order to finish strong.

BREAKDOWNS ASSESSMENT WORKSHEET Director Name __________________


This updated mood board has a more focused look and direction of where I would like to take the film. The style will have a combination of painted and procedural textures along with an additional layer of grunge atop. I wanted the film to have a 2D/3D feel to it. There will be a contrast between the deep blue cave and the accented lights of the magical lanterns.


This is one of the first style frames for my film where the old woman Elizabeth enters the mouth of the cave for the first time. The contrast of the deep blues of the cave with the warmer tones of her light help convey a more mysterious atmosphere.


In this style frame Elizabeth has made the choice to overcome her fear and walks towards the tree in the center of the cave. The cave is no longer dark due to the supernatural appearance of light souls illuminating the empty lanterns, as well as illuminating Elizabeth’s circumstances.


This third style frame is a representation of the beginnings of the “leap” into the afterlife. The souls begin to surround and encompass Elizabeth as the prepare to turn her into a light spirit so she can join them. The addition of the purple is to help the shot seem more supernatural and otherworldly.


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