Welcome to my short film!

Elevator Pitch: The Leaping Place follows the journey of an elderly spirit towards her ascension into the afterlife. Her journey takes her through the emotional and psychological growth of overcoming fears and insecurities and finding peace and acceptance in the unknown.

Synopsis: The Leaping Place is a 3d animated short film based off the Hawaiian mythology of transcending spirits, alternate dimensions, and the life after death. The short will be primarily executed in Maya and composited in After Effects and Nuke. The basis of the film is in homage to my grandparents and the struggles of old age and death. The story follows an elderly woman named Elizabeth who embarks on a journey that leads her to the opening of a cave. In order to enter the next chapter of her life, Elizabeth must face her fears and worries of the physical world and find reconciliation and peace in the afterlife. With the help of past spirits she is both comforted and guided toward the journey that lies ahead; a life anew.


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